Peace Of Mind For You & Your Cavaliers!



We welcome the opportunity to care for your Cavaliers!


Our service is tailored to the individual needs of each pet, whether it is a special diet, administering medication; even just extra play time or walks.


We started out just offering an alternative boarding option to our 'puppy people' but it has proven so popular through word of mouth that we decided to open our home to all Cavaliers!

*Exclusively for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels*


We also ask that your pet be clean, wormed and flea treated prior to his/her stay with us.

This is for the protection of your pets as well as mine. Thank you.

Please bring a copy of your pets vaccination certificate with you.

If at  any time you need to have your Cavalier boarded; short or long term, please do not hesitate to call us. We offer very reasonable rates and your dog will feel much happier in a home environment.

Every dog that comes to Edenridge becomes 'one of the family' during his/her stay with us. We always ensure that each 'visitor' is made to feel as comfortable, happy and secure as possible.

In addition to boarding, we offer day care, also exclusively for Cavaliers.

Boarding Price List

Outdoor Day/Night Kennel (bunking in with my own Cavaliers)


Transport to vet in case of emergency - $10 per 20 minute waiting time intervals (plus vet costs) $25.00
Day Care $30.00
WHERE POSSIBLE FEES PAID ON DROP OFF WOULD BE MOST APPRECIATED Fees are charged PER DAY regardless of drop off time. FULL DAY FEE applies for pick ups after 12 noon.  

*Please note there is a $10.00 surcharge per dog for each Public Holiday*

In very special circumstances only, we can sometimes offer full in home boarding. $50.00 per day.

Click on the link below to take you to our printable booking form.

You are most welcome to fill it in and email or post it back to me or please feel free to call for more information if required.




Chris Darwen

Mobile: 0418 112 895

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