When we breed a litter we are committed to producing healthy, sound, well adjusted puppies with emphasis on good hearts, eyes and patellas as well as beautiful, happy, outgoing temperaments.

We regularly have our dogs specialist heart & eye checked and all of our dogs are DNA tested for Episodic Falling and Curly Coat Dry Eye. Whenever possible, we also include dogs in our breeding program that are MRI scanned clear for Syringomyelia.

Except for what we keep for show, our puppies are sold on Limited (Pet) Registration i.e. not for breeding/showing; they are fully vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed. We supply a well-detailed care & diet guide as well as a health guarantee to our puppies’ new families.  We also offer our ongoing support for as long as it is needed. We like to think of our puppies families as our extended family. :-))

Our puppies are extremely precious to us so naturally we like to ensure they all go to loving & responsible homes, so be prepared to come and meet us prior to any ‘adoption’ agreement, or for those interstate and overseas, expect many emails and/or phone calls back and forth, grilling you for information before we commit to any agreement. We generally ask questions with respect to where your puppy would spend most of its time; does your garden have secure fencing, do you have very young children, will someone be at home for part of each day, have you owned a Cavalier before, etc. 

Cavaliers are a wonderful choice of pet for young, old and anyone in between but special care must be taken to ensure the safety of a puppy whilst in the presence of young children. Children MUST be supervised at ALL times and NEVER allowed to pick up and carry a puppy, just in case of accidents!!!

Genuine enquiries are always welcome.


Please click on the links below to view/download our Puppy Information Booklet and Health Warranty.





For all puppy enquiries or applications please click on the RightPaw link.




Our beloved 'Ollie Dog'




Puppies on Limited Register are $4,500

Puppies on Main Register by negotiation


Lilly & son, Jaxon





Occasionally we may have older puppies, mature desexed girls or boys available to loving furever pet homes




To enquire or fill out a puppy application please click on the RightPaw link





Chris Darwen

Mobile: 0418 112 895




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