We live close to the Nepean River, at the foothills of the beautiful Blue Mountains, about forty five minutes west of Sydney, New South Wales,  Australia.

After 25 years, EDENRIDGE HAS MOVED to a lovely, picturesque part of the Hunter Valley. From the end of November 2015, our new home is on 5 beautiful acres in Paxton, New South Wales, which is about 2 hours north of Sydney, 20 minutes from the centre of Wine Country and 12 minutes from Cessnock.

Edenridge Cavaliers was first established in 1992, although I didnít begin showing until some years later.

My first cavaliers were two tricolour girls; Gaycrest Eboni Mist (Emma) and Elfking Dearie Me (Sofie). They were beautiful girls and although not 'show dogs', they gave me many years of devoted companionship and with them began my passion for this wonderful breed.

In June 1998, I purchased my first show puppy, a beautiful black/tan from the Corbiere Kennels in Queensland. Corbiere Black Magique (Bridie) and I had a lot of fun discovering the world of showing before she grew a little too big so then retired to maternal duties.

From her first litter I kept Edenridge Shirazz (Shirazz), a very sweet ruby girl who, with her mum, enjoyed her life as our pampered pet. Sadly, our lovely Razz passed away in her sleep on 28th August 2009. We still miss her every day.... :-(((((

On 10th December 2011, my precious Bridie joined her daughter Shirazz at Rainbow Bridge. :-(( Bridie was Great Grandmother, and Shirazz, Grandmother, to my first Australian Champion, Edenridge Desert Storm (Storm), who retired in October 2010 and now lives in the Barossa Valley.

Storm's leaving left a huge void at Edenridge and in my heart, which really needed filling.........so enters Kymyisha So Sinful (Chase)! No other dog could possibly take Storm's place but I was so thrilled to have Chase as part of our family and breeding program. Chase matured into a really beautiful boy with a very sweet, gentle disposition; very eager to please and he settled in well at Edenridge. Chase has given me two lovely girls to go on with and is now living a very comfortable retirement in South Australia.

Edenridge Lunar Eclipse (Lunar)I, in my eyes, was breathtaking! She had a slow start to life but matured into an exquisite girl! She began her show career taking 2nd place in the Baby Puppy class out of 12 entries at the Cavalier Specialty Show in April 2009.....her first show so a lovely beginning and adding to that, at the Cavalier Specialty Show in September 2009, under UK judge, Lynda Read, Lunar took out Best Opposite Sex Minor Puppy in Show!!! Just a couple more of her wins being Best Of Breed and Junior In Show at the 4P's All Toy Dog Club show in November 2009 and Best Of Breed at the Children's Cancer Charity Show in November 2010!

11 September 2011 - Lunar takes out Bitch Challenge at the Cavalier Specialty Show under UK judge Mr Robert Payne!!! Mr  Payne is very much involved in breeding and exhibiting Wholecolours in England so an Edenridge cavalier doing this well under a wholecolour breed specialist was thrilling to say the least!!!


My second homebred Champion!

We are very proud to now have 6 homebred champions from very limited showing.

April 2014 My beautiful Lunar is now retired from showing and breeding and has joined another of my girls, Ripley, to live the rest of her days in luxury; being spoilt by their lovely family who live in Nowra. I miss her terribly but she deserves to have the best life has to offer. She has blessed me with a beautiful daughter, Toiya (Edenridge Storm In A Teacup), to carry on her legacy to Edenridge. :-))

Introducing Edenridge Naughty But Nice (Darci), daughter of Chase and the very sweet Chevalove Mystic Dream (Nikki). Darci is a lovely black & tan girl with a very affectionate nature and is extremely pretty. Darci wasn't overly keen on the show ring so she retired to stay home and be a 'pet' with the occasional maternal duties. :-))


Edenridge Original Sin (Chanel) is another Chase daughter with Koko (Edenridge Secret Kisses) being her mother. Chanel is every bit as pretty as her big sister, Darci and looks set to inherit her mothers absolute 'joie de vivre'!!! She is very pretty and extremely outgoing as well as being a true little sweetheart. Daddy's pet name for her is 'Littl'un'. :-))


Sept 2013 Darci now resides with my very dear friends, Nicole and Michael, along with her beautiful half sister, Chanel. They are their very spoilt furchildren as well as both becoming therapy dogs with the Nepean Therapy Dogs Association; a career change they are both enjoying immensely. :-)))


Raven (Edenridge More Than A Memory) is so lovely. She lived for some time with my close friend, Robyn Morgan (Morganlea Cavaliers) but has recently returned home and she is just beautiful in every way. Raven is a very sweet natured black & tan girl sired by Morganlea Cavaliers, Dickon (Barakah Candle In The Dark). Her mother is Memo (Elvyne Remember Me).


Angel (Edenridge Kissed By An Angel) is just what her name states! She has such a lovely disposition and is so easy to love. A very sweet, gentle ruby girl who loves nothing more than to be snuggled in for lots of cuddles. She is daughter to Chevalove Mystic Dream and Barakah Candle In The Dark. Our beautiful Angel is now living the life with my very dear friends, Robin and John.


Since 1998, we have bred and exhibited only Wholecolours but in July 2012 I brought home the tiniest, scrawniest, most pathetic and weak little 3 week old blenheim puppy I have ever seen! He had a very slow start and it appeared to both his breeder and myself that his little life was going to slip away. I couldn't bear to see that happen, so I took up the challenge to see whether I could save him............AND I DID!!! :-))) His breeder very kindly allowed me to keep Ollie once it was realised that he was going to survive.


Ollie is such a delight to me and he hardly ever leaves my side. He is my constant companion day and night! He is loaded with personality plus and has a temperament to die for!! What a sad world this would have been without him in it! Please visit the boys page to meet our exceptional boy, Ollie (Elfking Against All Odds). He has the biggest most beautiful dark eyes I have ever seen!!! My heart overfloweth. :-))) Ollie has begun his show career already being awarded Best Baby of Breed at two shows. After a tough beginning, I think this little man is going to do very well! :-

Ollie's most recent show wins include a Minor Puppy In Group, Minor Puppy In Show and Reserve Dog Challenge!!! How far he has come from the pathetic little mite he was when he arrived at Edenridge.


Ollie continues to shine in the show ring with multiple Best Of Breeds and Class in Group and Class in Show wins!! He was awarded Best Junior In Show at our September 2013 Cavalier Specialty Show!!!


December 2020 Ollie is still larger than life at 8 1/2 years and loves the country life! He loves nothing more than helping us out on the property, whether it be watching dad chopping wood or me mending fences. What a life he has and so loved!


Our gorgeous little Zahli (Edenridge Cool N Classy) is a very pretty black & tan daughter to our lovely Darci (Edenridge Naughty But Nice) and Leo (Pabianpark Paparazzi). I had the pleasure of co owning this exceptional boy with Robyn Morgan (Morganlea Cavaliers). He is the whole package; stunning looks and brilliant personality. A real little showman who endears himself to all who meet him!


In June 2014 our beautiful Zahli joined her mum, Darci and Aunty Chanel to become part of Michael & Nicole Celeban's family. She settled in as if she had been with them her whole life and has taken to Pets As Therapy work like a duck to water. I am so grateful to my wonderful friends for providing my girls with such a loving home filled with fun, stimulation and lots of love. :-))) Our lovely Raven has also joined Michael & Nicole's fabulous fur family! Four Edenridge girls all doing a wonderful job enriching the lives of all who meet them.


Toiya (Edenridge Storm In A Teacup) is an exciting surprise for me. Her dam is Lunar (Aust Ch Edenridge Lunar Eclipse) and sire is the very handsome tricolour boy, Danny (Cavndale Kinder Surprise). Toiya started out a bit of an ugly duckling but she has quickly transformed into a graceful swan! :-) At her first two shows she was awarded Best Baby Puppy Of Breed up against a big class of 5 other puppies so I am a very proud mum!


A new and exciting addition to our fur family is Vienna (Elfking Miss Molly Tudor). Vienna is an extremely pretty and very dainty tricolour. I have always loved tricolours and have wanted another ever since my first girls left for Rainbow Bridge. Now I have her and she is exquisite!!!

2019 Our Divine Miss V now lives the life with our lovely friends Jenny and Steve; very much loved and spoiled rotten as she should be.


Pictured here from back left are Zahli, Chanel, Darci and Raven owned and loved by my dear friends, Nicole & Michael.

Front row are Ladybelle, Tinkerbelle and Angel owned and loved by my very good friends, Paula & TJ. Angel has since moved in with my lovely friends, Robin and John. All of these Edenridge kids are therapy dogs with the Nepean Therapy Dogs in Penrith. Needless to say, I am very proud of them and their owners for their tireless work (all volunteered) plus all the love, smiles and joy they bring to so many people.


I am very excited about our Floyd (Edenridge Dark Side Of The Moon). This puppy is just one of a litter of 7 that were all as beautiful as the next. I am very proud to say that 6 of the 7 puppies are in show homes and those who have already entered the ring are all doing very well so far with Audrey (Edenridge Sweet but Sassy) already attaining her Australian Championship. Floyd's latest win (in March 2014)  was Best Baby In Group! He is an amazing puppy and I can tell he is going to go far! His parents are the beautiful Darci (Edenridge Naughty But Nice) and Angus (Supreme Ch Belljari Chasing The Sun), owned and loved by Belinda Wright (Belljari) and Philippa Micklem (Barakah).


WELL, what an amazing boy! Floyd gained his Australian Championship in true style on 2nd July 2016 (after being campaigned for only a few months) with not only CHALLENGE DOG, but also BEST OF BREED..............................then went on to win BEST IN GROUP!!!!!


My special boy now lives with my dear friend, Jillian, who like me, is totally besotted with this incredible little man.


One of our newest family members is Madonna (Edenridge Strike A Pose), from my first ever full blenheim litter. Madonna is very pretty and extremely sweet. Not sure she's got the 'attitude' needed for the show ring but she certainly has the looks!! A lovely combination of her parents, Ollie (Elfking Against All Odds) and Lucy (Elfking House Of Tudor).


Her half sister, Gabi, is to die for! Stunning looks and wonderfully exuberant nature makes her the full package. Gabi is sired by my brat child, Ollie (Elfking Against All Odds) and mum is Nicole's lovely Zahli (Edenridge Cool N Classy). Gabi has been shown only once, at the 2015 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Specialty Show and was awarded 5th place out of a class of 10 (from memory). I look forward to continuing her campaign in 2016.


Quite a few of our beautiful faces have left us in recent years to enjoy the rest of their lives as very much loved family members with dear friends of ours and others have also joined our family since the beginning of 2016. Check them out on the GIRLS and BOYS pages!!




It is unfortunate and very sad that this lovely breed is prone to some serious health problems but a high percentage of breeders, including myself, are doing what they can to reduce and hopefully one day eliminate some or all of them. It is something that will take many years but it is at least a start with the health testing options we now have available to us.


For me, I am very excited with all the health testing now available for Cavaliers. All my dogs of breeding age are heart and eye tested, as well as DNA tested for Episodic Falling and Curly Coat Dry Eye Syndrome.


Latest Health Testing - Jac (Konavan In With A Chance) scanned clear for Syringomyelia 2019.


Outside stud dogs I am using also have these health credentials and wherever possible I use dogs that have been MRI scanned clear for Syringomyelia (SM). It is a great step forward in the overall plan of improving the health of our lovely breed.


April 2013


Some of my dogs had the opportunity to be a part of Dr Harry Cooper's segment on Better Homes and Gardens in April 2013. He brought together some of Australia's most popular dog breeds to help Kerrie-Anne Kennelly choose a new dog to join her family.


My special boy, Ollie and little Zahli appeared on the show along with two other Edenridge dogs, Rosey and Bella, owned and loved by my friend Wendy Richards (Richmore Cavaliers).


A fun day was had by all involved and I must say I was very impressed by what a complete gentleman Harry Cooper is. He offered to help us with all our gear and obligingly lugged our bags and chairs up the hill to the filming site for us! :-)))


Over the years I have had a number of Cavaliers come and go, all of them very special in their own way. I do hope you enjoy meeting them & us on your journey through my website.



Please feel free to sign my guestbook; I appreciate your comments.



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