What does one say about a little dog who brought so much fun, love, light and laughter to our lives?

From the moment we met, I was his and he was mine. We were totally devoted to each other.

Ollie and I shared an incredible love story. I have never felt so deeply loved nor have I loved so deeply. Knowing the depth of his love made my heart sing.

And Oh, those eyes.....such soft, dark, limpid pools; every time I gazed  into his eyes I felt myself drowning in the depths of them.

He had a way of looking deep into my soul. It was like he knew me from another place in time.

There was something so very special about Ollie. He made my heart skip a beat and I'd catch my breath every time I looked at him.

He was so cute, sweet, cheeky, full of mischief and naughty but oh so full of love.

Our home feels empty without him. He is everywhere but nowhere to be found.

My little love;  my heart is forever yours.

I loved you your whole life; I'll miss you for the rest of mine.

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